On Site

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On site we have two swimming pools, an 11m by 7m metre main pool (which for reasons of safety is 1.1m deep) and a 5m diameter filtered paddling pool. The surround is decked and there are at least twenty sun loungers. The pool area is fenced with a see through netting so that should children accidentally stray in they can be seen. There is a clean line of sight from the Barn, the Forge and the Owl House.

There are swings and a climbing frame built around an large old barrel that was originally sited in the wine making barns which have now become a rustic ruin.

There are two open barns in which we have a table tennis table, pool table and a football table. There are also two bookcases filled with paperbacks.

To the right of the barns is a hard standing area in one corner of which is the sand pit, the other the basket ball net and goal posts.