Eating Out

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There are a number of restuarants in St Jean d'Angely but we've tended to end up at the following:

Child Friendly

Les Jacobins is a straightforward pizza and a bit more place where they'll not notice unruly children and the bill is not hefty.

L'Annexe is located in the central square, Place de Pilori, next to the Ellis Park Bar and has a large area of tables located under the trees. When the weather is nice it's a great place to be and cars don't drive through the square so it is fairly safe for chidren. The service can be slow occasionally, particularly if there is music on but the chef is good and the price not painful.

La Petit Bouchon is located in the neighbouring square, Le Place du Marche and has plenty of tables outside. The location isn't as attractive as L'Annexe. It is friendly and reasonably well priced.


Le Restaurant de Le Hotel de la Ville is located, as the name suggests in the place de le Hotel de Ville, which is also a large parking area. The restaurant is hushed and the menu gastronomic... however if you stick to the set menus, starting at around 18 euros it is very good value. It is not a great place to bring the children.

Scorlion is located off the Place de Pilori with a yard facing the rather magnificent grounds of the Bibliotecque. The La Carte Menu is impressive (despite the English chef) but can be expensive. The last two years they have introduced a far more reasonable fixed price menu and as a result have seen us more often!